What is Hand and Foot Microsurgery & Its Types?

By Dr. Devayani Barve-Venkat in Centre for Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Apr 24 , 2023 | 2 min read

Whenever we hear about any type of surgery for medical reasons, we assume it to be being performed on huge portions of the body with massive surgical interventions. Even standard statements of the alternative purposes such as cosmetic and plastic surgery in Mumbai or Delhi give us an appearance of surgeries offered on either facial structures or other prominent body parts. But have we ever tried to look into the smaller aspects such as hand and foot microsurgery? Some of you may have but I am one of those who did not. So, I sat down with a renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon to get a detailed overview of hand and foot microsurgery.

The Coming FAQS Have Been Specially Curated to Satisfy Your Doubts About This Procedure.

1. How Does Hand & Foot Microsurgery in Mumbai Compare to Services Available in Other Parts of The Country?

Hand and foot microsurgery is not an isolated procedure which can only be performed in cities like Mumbai or Delhi. Any part of the country which has the required surgical instruments and experienced surgeons, hand and foot microsurgery can be performed there and it is performed there.

2. On Which Organs are Microsurgery Performed?

As the name of the process, microsurgery gives the idea itself, it is performed on small structures. Even the smallest parts of the body such as blood vessels and inner ear can be operated with microsurgery. In the common usage, microsurgery is done on hand and foot, finger replantation and toe-to-thumb transfer are also operable through microsurgery.

3. What Type of Health Problems Can Be Operated Through Microsurgery?

Since microsurgery is performed on small body parts, it can be used to treat any acute damage to these very parts. If someone is suffering from injuries to the wrist, all these problems can be dealt with microsurgery. Apart from these problems, microsurgery is also used for substituting the missing tissues through reconnection of blood vessels, for these reconstruction procedures, free tissues are extracted from the distant sites which are then positioned on the place of the missing tissues.

4. For Performing Microsurgery, What Types of Medical Instruments are Needed?

Microsurgery is a complex surgical procedure, thereby, specialized instruments are necessary for this treatment to take place. Microscope with a magnification power of four to forty times is used for seeing the detailed movement of specialized instruments during the surgery.

5. Microsurgery is Performed on Small Parts, so Should The Preventive Measures to Be Undertaken Prior to The Surgery Be Limited?

No, preventive measures are not limited just because the process of treatment is microsurgery. In fact, precautions and detailed diagnosis is a must before the microsurgery has to be performed. Special care is provided to people suffering from pulmonary or cardiovascular problems, elderly people are also under constant supervision. The patients are clearly advised to abstain from the use of tobacco.

6. Which Medical Institution Would You Recommend as The Best Hospital in India for microsurgery?

To be honest, microsurgery as a successful medical treatment mainly relies on the skills of the surgeon in charge. It doesn't matter to that extent if you are opting for hand reconstruction in Maharashtra's best hospital or travelling to Delhi for microsurgery. What remains most important are the capabilities of the surgeon, in this context, experience and training of the surgeon can play an important role.

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