Best General Surgeons In Mumbai

Dr. Manmohan M. Kamat


Department of General Surgery, General & Minimal Access Surgery, Centre for Robotic Surgery, Robotic Surgery Program, Bariatric Surgery Hospital in Mumbai, India, Piles

Dr. Amol Joshi

Senior consultant

Centre for Robotic Surgery, Robotic Surgery Program, General & Minimal Access Surgery, Department of General Surgery

Dr. K. Matchavel


Department of General Surgery, General & Minimal Access Surgery

Dr. Suresh S. Sawardekar


Department of General Surgery, General & Minimal Access Surgery

Dr. Deepak P. Vyas


Department of General Surgery, General & Minimal Access Surgery

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Role of a General Surgeon?

The role of a general surgeon is to perform operations or surgeries on the digestive system, blood vessels, and endocrine system. Like other surgeons, they evaluate the patient’s condition and then decide if surgery is required.

The best general surgeons in Mumbai will use their knowledge and experience to help patients improve body functionality by repairing damages.

2. What Should One Expect on Their First Visit To A General Surgeon?

Here are the things to expect on the first visit to the general surgeon

  • They will ask you to describe the symptoms in detail. They may also ask to see previous medical records like blood tests, CT scans, etc.

  • Once they have understood the symptoms, they may recommend a further round of tests. Since the disease may have progressed since the patient last had a test, a general surgeon needs to ensure the progression of the disease.

  • These checks also help identify any other underlying medical issues that could complicate the surgical process.

  • Once the tests are done, the general surgeon will ensure that surgery is the best option for the patient.

  • They will explain the procedure, and risks involved and allow room for questions you might have. Patients should never hesitate to get all their fears addressed.

3. Is a Referral From a General Physician Mandatory Before Visiting A General Surgeon in Mumbai?

No, a referral from a general physician is not mandatory before visiting a general surgeon in Mumbai. But, most patients visit a surgeon on the recommendation of a general physician.

The best general surgeon in Mumbai will recommend that you bring any previous records you may have.

If your previous tests and other records are missing, the general surgeon may recommend tests to identify the disease or disorder, before taking any action.

4. Do Surgeons Recommend Tests Before A Surgical Procedure?

Yes. In Mumbai, the best general surgeons need to carry out the appropriate tests before any surgery. Remember, surgeries, however minimal, can become life-threatening.

Therefore, doctors need to ascertain everything before taking a patient into the surgery room. They are prepared for complications and can take necessary action without wasting time.

5. Does Health Insurance Cover The Surgeon Fees?

Surgeon fees, especially to improve a patient’s health, usually, fall under insurance covers. Patients with health insurance coverage should find out the chunk of surgical services covered before any operation. The best part about most insurance covers supported by Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital is that they cover most surgical costs.

6. Will The General Surgeon in Mumbai Help With Post-Surgical Care?

General surgeons in Mumbai know the importance of post-operative. After the procedure, the general surgeon will give guidance on the dos and don’ts for the patient. Moreover, they offer their services for any concerns arising during the healing process. The patient is expected to visit the surgeon for post-operative checkups.

All surgeons, especially general surgeons, follow pre-operative, operative, and post-operative care. Make it a point to understand the discharge papers and get clarity on when you are supposed to visit for the next consultation. Patients should follow the doctor’s advice.

7. What Type of Surgeries Do General Surgeons in Mumbai Have To Perform?

A general surgeon can handle the following:

  • Pediatric surgeries

  • Colonoscopies

  • Surgical oncology

  • Cardiothoracic surgeries

  • Gastroscopies

  • Colorectal surgeries

  • Vascular surgeries

  • Soft tissue surgeries

  • Esophageal surgeries

These are a few examples of what are the best general surgeons in Mumbai can do. However, general surgeons can handle other medical issues that don’t involve specialized care.

8. How Important is The Role Of a General Surgeon Doctor in The Post-Operative Phase?

Post-operative care is vital to a patient’s health. The occurrence of issues at this phase is more likely than not.

A surgical procedure is incomplete without post-operative care.

9. What is The Average Cost of General Surgery Consultation in Mumbai?

General surgeons in Mumbai handle many medical issues. However, the cost of the consultation will depend on the experience of the surgeon.

Patients can opt for OPD at the hospital or an online consultation.

10. Can I Schedule an Instant Online Consultation With a General Surgeon in Mumbai?

If a slot is available, then yes, it is possible to schedule an instant online consultation with a general surgeon in Mumbai. However, it is always better to go to the book an online appointment page to schedule an appointment with the surgeon.

During the appointment, the doctor will discuss symptoms and give a prescription.