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Your Heart Deserves Your Attention

Suppose you consider your body as your family then your heart is your mother so, without it, your family cannot survive. So, it is imperative to keep your heart healthy to keep your body functioning.

One of the important factors that deserve your attention is ‘self-management’. This is the one-stop solution that prevents yourself from various heart diseases. This all involves your time and determination like you need to exercise, maintain a proper diet, limits sugar and oily food. If you feel that your condition is too serious to be dealt with self-management than should immediately consult the best cardiologist in Mumbai.

Know what it takes you to keep your heart healthy:

1.  Say no to smoking and alcohol

Smoking hurts, a known fact as the sun rises in the east but people tend to ignore it. This proves to be a major cause of heart disease as well as lung diseases.

2.  Limit bad fat

Obesity is one of the major cause of heart disease. As being overweight has drastic results leading to different diseases. Generally, fats are of two types good and bad so, the good fat is essential for the body, on the other hand, bad fats leads to over-weight.

3.  Eliminate salt from your meal

The major objective behind the move is to reduce the quantity of sodium in your meal in order to keep your heart healthy. As sodium can contribute to high blood pressure which poses a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

4.  30 minutes exercise a day keeps the doctor away

Here, 30 minutes of exercise would suffice. So, it very imperative to exercise regularly so, that your weight always remains in control also your blood flow is also healthy.

5.  Have a bowl full of fruits and vegetable every day

Fibres are always good for health, a fibre-rich diet will not only provide different minerals, nutrients and vitamins but will be helpful in reducing the weight thus, reducing the risk of heart diseases.

6.  Proper sleep is the key to a healthier heart

7-8 hours of sleep would suffice. So, one should take a sound sleep in which keeps you away from anxiety, depression and when your stress-free, you are away from the serious health diseases.

7. Always ensure your dental hygiene

Your dental health indicates overall health, including your heart, because those who have periodontal (gum) disease often have the same risk factors for heart disease.

8. Don’t sit for too long at one time

It is a fact that sitting every day for longer periods may have negative results. No matter how much you exercise every day but it is important to be mobile and not sit in the same positions as this increase the risk of putting on weight.

Is self-management a cure to all heart diseases?

Self-management can actually be defined as managing and balancing your diet and exercises in a proper way so, that your blood sugar level, cholesterol, sodium are in control as they are major triggering factors of all diseases. Most of the heart diseases can be cured by managing yourself but people tend to avoid it and do not set their limits.

Prevention is better than cure

So, there is a need to create awareness about the triggering causes of heart diseases and should be controlled in order to avoid any further complications. In additional being, I and healthy invigorates your immune systems which fight from the diseases.

Apart from this, if your conditions getting serious then should immediately consult the best heart hospital in Mumbai as if not properly treated at the time then it can be life-threatening.