Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

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Apr 24 , 2023 | 4 min read

A Heart is an apex part of the body that pumps the blood and supply to other areas of a body. When we discussed the causes of heart problems with one of the specialized heart hospital in Mumbai, the team of doctors acknowledged us that all problems related to the heart may not always show some predefined symptoms or sometimes it may not even give any warning bells. However, certain commonly found symptoms indicate that you should visit a doctor.

Here are some warning signs that you shouldn’t overlook:

Chest Pain

This is the most common indication of a heart problem. You may feel uneasiness in your chest either due to heaviness in the chest or you may experience a crushing or squeezing sensation in your chest. The best heart surgeon in Mumbai explains that it primarily happens due to obstruction in the heart artery. These are the signs of heart attacks also. The pain progresses and can happen at any time due to the feeling of rising pressure. However, heart problems always don’t indicate a chest pain.

Upset Stomach

The best doctors says that “many people often overlook the upset stomach as an indication for heart attacks.” Generally, women are more prone to upset stomach and its consequent impact on the heart. A stomach ache, nausea or discomfort in the stomach may result in vomiting and can also be a possible factor for heart attack especially if you believe it is due to your last meal, you must get an immediate medical check-up.

The uncertain onset of pain in the arm, neck, jaw or upper back

Although, these symptoms are attributed as causes of spondylosis cervical or muscular pain, in case it is followed with sweating, uneasiness, shortness of breath it may be a sign of a heart problem.

Feeling unsteady

A feeling of dizziness accompanied by light-headedness can occur for various reasons. It can be combated with water consumption or by consuming enough food. However, if it prolongs and is followed by chest pain or breathlessness then it is firmly suggested to visit a doctor immediately as there might be a possibility of a heart attack.

Pain in the windpipe and mouth area

The pain in the throat or mouth area doesn’t ensure a possibility of heart problems because it is generally related to the problem due to cold or sinus blockage. But in case, if you experience a pain in the chest that travels up to your throat and mouth region then it is a sign of a heart attack and should take medical assistance.

Lack of energy

If you have started to experience a feeling of fatigue in your day to day mundane chores and you start to panic then you must consult a doctor. A top-most heart doctor in Mumbai once said that this majorly happens in women as they might experience fatigue in day to day wok or walking and if it stretches for long days it is a sign of greater health problem.

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Many studies reveal that unexpected sweating without any reason is an important factor that can provoke a heart attack. If you witness sweating along with other symptoms get instant medical assistance.

Swelling in the lower limbs

Sometimes, due to loss of water and sodium content in your kidney can cause bloating which consequently can result in swollen legs, ankles or feet. It could be due to unusual blood flow in veins causing many complications. Thus, it can also cause heart problems.

 A consistent cough

A chronic cough is not a heart problem, however, if you already have any heart problem and at the same time you undergo persistent cough, then it might be alarming if it’s followed by breathing problems causing difficulties in blood supply.

Irregular heartbeat

At times, when you are excited or even anxious you might feel that your heart is beating too fast or it might skip a beat, however, if it happens quite frequently and if your heartbeat skips for more than a few seconds it might be a case of a serious emergency.

Invasive Cardiology hospital in Mumbai figured out that many patients of a heart attack often consist of one of the above symptoms. Therefore, if you witness any of the above symptoms you should immediately consult a doctor. If treatment is given at the right time it can fix or repair the blood circulation in the right direction. A heart problem requires quick treatment before the situations get out of control.

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