Keep Your Heart Healthy - The Importance of Taking Care of Your Heart

By Dr. Lekha Pathak in Heart Institute

Apr 24 , 2023 | 2 min read

The human body is a never resting machine that relies on a highly complex circulatory system working 24 * 7. You have been living an awesome life since your birth but have you ever thought of how you are in active state? Did you ever think of what really keeps you alive? Is it food? Not really. Food is just a raw material for our body but its actually our heart and other organs that produce the fuel on which our body runs. Lets share some interesting facts first:

  • Our body comprises of about 60,000 miles of blood vessels which transports the pumped blood from our heart to various body parts.
  • Heart is the first organ formed during the development of human body. 
  • Heart is a key organ of our circulatory system that works restlessly since our birth. 

Wondering why? Actually, after an embryo develops from few cells to a collection of dividing and growing cells, it becomes impossible for all the cells to get nutrients and dump the waste produced. Heart at this stage comes into existence, takes over the charge, and keeps on pumping and purifying the blood till death.

Thus, heart forms the most crucial part of our body as it is the one that keeps our body cells alive and working.

Although heart is so strong that it works day and night without taking any breaks, it can't heal itself in case of any malfunctioning. With the increasing habits of eating junk food, reduction of physical work, less body exercising and increasing pollution in our surrounding, our heart is now prone to a large number of diseases. Minor heart attacks, leakage in valves and several other malfunctions are seen common now a days that even lead to sudden deaths. In recent years, we have witnessed arisen graph of deaths from heart not functioning properly, either due to blockage in veins, valves leaking, increased blood impurities, high blood pressures and several other reasons.

Scientists and medical experts have been working tirelessly on this aspect of human body and have found that the cells of heart muscles are made really slow. These cells are automatically replaced throughout the life. Due to this slow growth and replacement process, that get slower as the age increases, our body is not able to withstand heavy damages done to heart due to sudden attacks and the heart gets collapsed within minutes. Pacemakers, By-pass surgery and several other treatments are now helping people at a big level, but its still small enough to heal a larger part of the society. Researchers have also tried to repair heart damages through stem cells, but the work is still under development and may need more time to come up with a perfect solution.

Nanavati Max Hospital, the best cardiology center in Mumbai, recommends taking regular care of heart right from the initial days of our life. Dr. Lekha Pathak, the best cardiologist in Mumbai suggests to keep body active and healthy through proper lifestyle, eating habits and regular exercising. He suggests to meet a doctor for regular checkup at least twice a year so that you can stay safe from sudden heart damages. In case there is a complex case, the same should be taken care of seriously and should be treated immediately by experts, like the ones available in the best center for bypass surgery in Mumbai - Nanavati Max Hospital. We recommend you to make a visit for check-up and get recommendations for your health so that you stay safe and happy without getting worried about any heart diseases. When it comes to your heart, we are there to keep it alive.