Joint Replacement Surgery: Tips & Benefits

By Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep B. Bhosale in Institute for Bone, Joint Replacement, Orthopaedics Spine and Sports Medicine

Apr 24 , 2023 | 3 min read

Joint replacement is the surgical procedure that involves the replacement of a damaged and dysfunctional joint with a new prosthetic component that replicates the original joint in structure and function. The procedure is offered at Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital, one of the best hospitals in Mumbai, which has a separate department dedicated entirely to the diagnosis, treatment and management of various orthopaedic conditions.

Depending upon the affected area and the joint that is to be replaced, joint replacement surgery can be of many different types i.e. knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement, elbow replacement etc. As per the reports given by the leading orthopaedics & joint replacement hospitals in India, knee replacement surgery is the most commonly performed joint replacement surgery followed by hip replacement.

Who requires a joint replacement?

Surgery is usually the last resort of treatment for any medical condition and the same holds true for joint replacement. Joint replacement surgery is a gold-standard treatment option for patients who are not responding to the medication and other forms of treatment. You might be recommended to undergo a joint replacement surgery if you are experiencing

  • Age-related wear and tear of the joints that leads to immense pain and swelling
  • Severe blow to the joint
  • Serious joint injury suffered in an accident
  • Joint damage due to an underlying disease like arthritis.

The doctors evaluate the overall health of your joint to determine if there is any scope of reversing the damage and if there is no other option, they will recommend you to undergo joint replacement.

Physical examination and diagnostic imaging are required to determine the type of implant that will suit you the best. Doctors specialising in hip and knee replacement surgery in Mumbai always recommend the implant that would yield the finest result for you.

What happens after Joint replacement?

Joint damage can leave the underlying bone exposed to infections and other problems. The condition can be very painful and affect your mobility by limiting the range of motion of the affected limb. The patients become dependent on others for carrying out normal day to day activities. Joint replacement is a ray of hope for all such patients. Over the past few years, the procedure has become even more precise and effective, thereby adding to its safety.

Studies have shown that patients opting for knee and hip surgery in Mumbai have shown considerable improvement in a very short span.

  • Joint replacement can help you to get rid of the unnecessary pain
  • It can help to treat inflammation and swelling
  • It can help you to get back to your normal lifestyle
  • You can take part in activities and sports
  • You can enjoy with your family without being dependent on them

How can you improve the success rate of the procedure?

The success rate of the surgery depends as much upon the patients as on the doctors. The patients are required to make certain healthy lifestyle changes post the surgery to elevate the benefits and alleviate the need for revision replacement.

  • Make sure you take all the medications recommended by your doctor. Also, it is important that you do not take any medicine without prescription or consulting your doctor.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Excessive weight can put unnecessary stress on your new joints and damage them. Make the necessary dietary changes and indulge in more activities.
  • Don’t stop your physiotherapy. Even if you feel that you are completely fine, don’t stop it unless your doctor asks you to do so.
  • Don’t indulge in rigorous activities for the first few months following the surgery as this can have a drastic impact on your joints.


Medically Reviewed

Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Bhosale (Director - Arthritis & Joint Replacement Surgery)

Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Bhosale is Director - of Arthritis & Joint Replacement Surgery at Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital. With experience spanning over 36 years, he has performed over 10,000 Complex Primary and Revision Hip, Knee & Shoulder Arthroplasties. He is the former Head of Department,  Orthopaedic, at renowned Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Parel. 

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