Monsoon Health Tips For Mumbaikars

By Dr. Hemalata Arora in Internal Medicine

Apr 24 , 2023 | 2 min read

Monsoon in Mumbai if famous or should we say infamous? Every year the financial capital of India receives mammoth rainfall and this year is no exception. We are all aware of how monsoon is creating havoc in the city at the moment bringing a partial halt to the city. With the best hospital in Mumbai, it is important to remember and practice these health and safety tips during this difficult time.

If you need to go out, remember…

  • Moving water over six inches deep can cause a person to fall. Avoid walking or biking through moving water
  • Stay away from electricity poles and cables – electrocution can be dangerous
  • Wear comfortable clothes, shoes, carry umbrella and raincoat whenever going out
  • Carry extra cover or protections for any electronic gadgets.
  • Do not drive in flooded roads. Most people drown in locked cars than anywhere else
  • Stay away from bridge or road barriers
  • Check weather updates before leaving house or making any other plans. If heavy rain is predicted, try to avoid travelling or leave for your destination early.

The best doctors in Mumbai said that along with rains, monsoon brings in lots of diseases too. Viruses, bacteria, mosquitoes etc. thrive in monsoon and hence you need to stay protected against these.

  • We love eating “chatpata” street food during the rains. But that’s where maximum germs come from making you sick. Resist the urge of devouring street food during the monsoon. Your digestive system gets vulnerable at this time and hence makes you susceptible to different infections. Stay away from street food and gorge on homemade comfort food like khichdi.
  • Practice hygiene. Keep yourself clean. Wash your feet with antiseptic and pat dry. Fungal infection is common during monsoon.
  • Mosquitoes are another monsoon menace leading to malaria and dengue. Keep your home and surrounding clean. Use mosquito repellent, ensure there is good ventilation and that you use mosquito nets at night. Take care of your children too.
  • Keep basic rations like rice, daal, flour, onion, potato, etc. stocked at home. There might be a situation when you cannot go out to buy groceries.
  • Whenever possible, avoid walking through dirty water. If you have to, ensure you wash your feet well once you are back at home. It is good to wear water resistant boots while going outside.
  • Drink boiled water to avoid any enteric infection.
  • If you’re asthmatic or allergic, stay away from damp wall which can further worsen your health.
  • Apply anti-fungal talc and lotion in the folds of your fingers where fungal infection happens easily.

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Medically Reviewed

Dr. Rahul Tambe (Sr Consultant - Internal Medicine)

Dr. Rahul Tambe, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine at Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital has an experience of over 22 years of. He is a member of the Clinical Infectious Diseases Society of India and the Indian Medical Association.  

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