Patient and Family Counselling

Considered as an integral part of oncology department, cancer counselling and support services at Nanavati Max Cancer centre help people manage and respond to their mixed emotions about life’s challenges. Owing to a situation of high pressure, every cancer patient goes through many emotional ups and downs. We not only offer the best cure and customised treatment plans but are also dedicated to improving the quality of life of cancer patients and strive to provide the best after treatment support services. 

Preventive Oncology Program

Studies have shown that cancer has become one of the ten leading causes of death in India. With over 2.5 millions cancer cases, it has become vital to prevent the development or progression of this malignant process. We at Nanavati Max Cancer centre, seek development not only with better treatment for cancer but also by effective programs for cancer prevention. 
We organise several cancer detection camps, health forums and conduct workshops which include public and school education programs on tobacco and its harmful effects.

Genetic Counselling Program

You or your loved ones are always at risk of developing specific types of cancer-based on specific genetic changes, or mutations, which are passed down from parents to their children. At our centre, we have a team of health professionals who hold specialised training in medical genetics and counselling. Our counsellors will provide assistance and information on all hereditary cancers and educate people about Familial Cancers.

The Cancer Genetic Counselling Program in Nanavati Max Hospital provides clear options for medical or surgical interventions, providing high-risk cancer families with an opportunity to enhance their quality of life. Once the genetic test results are available, then our genetic oncologist will offer you personalised options and recommendations.

Cancer Survivorship Program

We understand that cancer survivorship is more important than cancer treatment. It starts from the time of diagnosis, continues after treatment as cancer-related issues can continue for years after the treatment. 

Our cancer survivorship program at Nanavati Max Hospital aims to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors as they transition from treatment to recovery. It is not only for individuals who experience cancer but also for their family, friends and caregivers. It enables patients to focus on recovery by providing long-term follow-up care, guidelines, and resources for improving general health and well-being.

To address the ongoing issues that cancer and its treatment present, we offer methods to maintain and promote health during the transition from cancer treatment to wellness and work in conjunction with oncologists and other experts to provide the best possible care after the treatment is over.
Some of the programs and services available to our patients:

  • Nutrition Services for Cancer Patients
  • Cancer Social Workers
  • Palliative Care in Cancer
  • Cancer Supportive Care Program


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