Kidney Transplant: What It is & Why It is Needed

By Dr. Jatin Kothari in Nanavati Max Institute of Renal Sciences & Transplant , Kidney Transplant Unit

Apr 24 , 2023 | 3 min read

Incidence and prevalence of chronic kidney diseases are increasing. People should be aware about serious medical conditions like kidney failure and should know when a kidney transplant is a must to avoid fatal situations and for better quality of life.

How the Kidney works?

As the blood passes through the kidneys, it is filtered through a network of Nephrons Waste products and unneeded water is removed. Chemicals needed by the body are absorbed and returned back to the blood

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Kidneys Main Jobs are :-

  1. Removing waste products
  2. Fluid control
  3. Controlling blood pressure
  4. Making red blood cells
  5. Healthy bones

What Happens in Case of a Kidney Failure?

The kidneys perform the vital function of removing waste from the body. They filter 45 gallons of blood to remove the waste products mixed in the blood. This is very important in keeping our body function normal. When the kidneys stop working the waste materials are not flushed out. They keep accumulating in the body and increase the blood pressure to an abnormal level. This condition leads to kidney failure.

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What Are The Options Available in Case of Kidney Failure?

Kidney failure has two types of treatment available.

  • Dialysis- The patient can go through dialysis which is a process where the blood gets filtered by a machine artificially. This system mimics the natural function of the kidneys which are non-functional now. The dialysis helps to flush out the toxins from the blood.
  • Kidney transplant- Another process that can be lifesaving in case of kidney failure is a kidney transplant. This is a process where the damaged kidney is replaced by a healthy kidney received from a donor.

Is a Kidney Transplant the Last Resort?

Many people think that a kidney transplant is the last resort to save a kidney failure patient and is taken when other options didn’t work. It is also believed that best doctors suggest kidney transplant only when dialysis fails to save the person. However, that’s not the case, In fact Kidney transplant is best modality of treatment in case of kidney failure and it should be availed first. A patient may live with good quality of life, for longer period of time with a kidney transplant, which may not be possible with dialysis. Dialysis is often taxing on the finance and the patient may get frustration due to frequent visits to the hospital which may range up to 3 times a week.

They also have limitations on their diet and go through long term health problems. Kidney transplant is a comparatively safer procedure.

More people go through dialysis because it's a myth that kidney transplant is an expensive and rare procedure that takes a lot of time. In fact in long term it is comparatively cost effective. There is a scarcity of availability of kidneys because of unawareness in population. Thus many people have to depend on dialysis as the only option to stay alive till they get a matching kidney for the transplant.

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Medically Reviewed

Dr.Jatin Kothari (Director Nephrology & Chief Consultant)

Dr.Jatin Kothari, Director Nephrology & Chief Consultant, Renal Transplant Medicine, Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital is one of India's foremost nephrologist with an experience spanning over 25 years. He is considered an authority on Dialysis and living, deceased, swap or domino transplantation.