Alisha Story Of Transformation With Bariatric Surgery

By Medical Expert Team

Apr 24 , 2023 | 3 min read

"Thank you so much Mom!" beamed Alisha, my daughter, as she came and hugged me tightly. She was wearing the most beautiful designer dress that she could find for her college graduation party. "A couple of years ago I would have never even dreamt of fitting into these lovely dresses, Mom," said Alisha and I simply smiled at her, through my tears of joy. Seeing my daughter so confident and pretty made me feel satisfied and warm from within.

Alisha's woes with excess weight started early on in her childhood. I was a slim and healthy girl when I got married. My husband is very caring and sweet and what you would call 'chubby.' Mind you; he does not look fat thanks to his tall height and physique. He carried himself quite well, and it is hard to imagine that his side of the family could be overweight. When Alisha was born, she was just like any other healthy infant. Cute and cuddly, she soon became the most adored in our entire extended family. She was the first girl child in our large family, and this led to her being treated royally by all. She always got what she wanted, but surprisingly she was never stubborn and ill-mannered like other children. Her sweet nature and even sweeter face prompted others to shower their affection on her when she was a kid.

Soon it was time for Alisha to go to school. I still remember being somewhat surprised when I could not find school clothes in the market that would fit my Alisha. I dismissed the concern by telling myself that she was only a kid now, and would surely turn out to be a healthy and slim girl, just like I was in my childhood.

Alisha was always a good student too. She had learned to study on her own, and I did not have to remind her to finish her homework. Soon, she entered middle school, but she still hadn't lost any weight. Unfortunately, it seemed that she was putting on more weight as she approached puberty. Things began to look panicky when I noticed her grades slipping in the high school. I was very concerned and had a talk with her teacher at the school. She could not point out any problems which might be affecting her performance in studies as she would always complete her homework and was attentive in class too.

I decided to have a talk with her when she was in the 10th class. She seemed to have become more subdued and quiet, as opposed to her talkative and fun self previously. It was then that she told me how depressed she had become due to her excess weight. She told me how she had to suffer bullying from others due to her being unable to do the much outdoor activity. I suggested dieting and exercising regularly to get rid of her extra weight, and she diligently began to pursue it. Soon she went to college, but the results of weight loss from dieting and exercising were barely noticeable.

Seeing her getting more depressed, my husband and I approached a doctor. After listening to our story, he advised to consult a Bariatric surgery specialist in Mumbai at one of the top multispecialty hospital in Nanavati Max Hospital.

After a detailed consultation, where the expert bariatric specialist at Nanavati Max Super Specialty Hospital performed several tests, we were advised that due to the extent of extra weight, Alisha's best choice would be to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Our surgeon explained her the procedure and its post-operative care in detail.

It has been around 7 months since Alisha underwent the gastric surgery and she began to noticeably lose weight in the first month following the procedure. Today, as she gets ready to go to her college party, I simply cannot but be thankful how my Alisha has regained her confidence and true cheerful nature, she seemed so happy.

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