What is Cosmetic Dental Treatment & Their Benefits?

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Apr 24 , 2023 | 3 min read

We all are aware of how a bright and wide smile can enlighten up our whole day. A smiling face is contagious and this is what makes healthy white teeth a great boost. Considering the huge assets a beautiful smile can bring, cosmetic dental procedures are trending. Various types of best skin treatment in India are encapsulating new dental procedures that can attract the masses of the counter and obviously, the developing health tourism in India, this field is progressing at a very fast rate.

I wanted to explore the different types of cosmetic dental procedures which are becoming common, I placed my trust for accurate answers on a specialist in the field. Proudly, I have a dentist friend who is currently working in one of the best dermatology hospital. He walked me through the different processes of cosmetic dental treatments. The one I knew about was teeth whitening, he agreed that it is indeed a type of cosmetic dental procedure and not to my surprise it is one of the most common ones. He the cases of teeth whitening are becoming more common day by day because of our unhealthy lifestyles mostly importantly our diet which includes artificially coloured items which can chronically stain our teeth. In addition to that, our improper habit of cleaning teeth twice a day are making it more evident to undergo teeth whitening procedures. A crucial piece is an advice for people who are planning to undergo teeth whitening processes, they should consult only the experienced dentists and not go for any options just because it is commonly performed, remember, excessive bleaching can harm the teeth instead.

He said another usually performed cosmetic dental surgery in Mumbai at least is dental veneers. The reason why dental veneers are being preferred by common people is because they do not add to any unnatural look to the existing teeth structure, in fact, they resemble exactly the natural teeth of the patient. So, there can be cases when someone wants to get rid of a crooked tooth or as it happened with my aunt, her front tooth chipped when she was trying to rectify a piece of jewellery. Apparently, in all these situations when an individual has a crooked or chipped tooth, they want to remove the disfigured tooth and yet get a complete teeth structure. As a solution, a dental veneer is recommended to substitute the disfigured tooth by pasting an individually created dental veneer on its face with a specially manufactured dental adhesive.

While I was discussing with him, he had to perform Composite Bonding in the second half of the day. He made me acknowledge the fact that he is busy on weekdays because he is working in one of the best hospital in Mumbaiparticularly famous for their dental routines. He then threw light on what a Composite Bonding. To my benefit, composite bonding is another type of dental cosmetic procedures which works on the similar reasons of dental veneers but unlike the latter, composite bonding is performed on disfigured teeth and for their rectification,  doctors use material in colour of that of the enamel. It is preferred because, in terms of cost-effectiveness, it is a better option. Also, it is recommended when more than a tooth has to be restored, dental veneer in these cases would be time taking and quite expensive because individually each misfigured tooth will be caricatured with a specific dental veneer.

When doctors want to stop the recurrence of tooth's deterioration, inlays and onlays are recommended. Both inlays and onlays are the types of indirect filings, the former is please directly on to the surface of the damaged tooth whereas onlays are preferred when the entire surface of the damaged tooth has to be covered up.

A common piece of advice than any renowned dental hospital in India would give is to make sure that you are going to a well-established hospital and they have been registered under the required certificates of the national authorities.

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