Prostate Cancer: What is It & Types of Treatment?

By Dr. Hemant B. Tongaonkar in Nanavati Max Institute of Cancer Care , Urological Cancer Program

Apr 24 , 2023 | 3 min read

Managing prostate cancer cases requires careful prioritization and a tailored approach to the individual cancer patient's treatment, especially in the wake of the coronavirus.

There is a wide range of prostate cancer treatment available for patients and the Best Oncologists in Mumbai will consider many factors for recommending a suitable treatment. Some of these are-

  • How fast or aggressively the tumor is growing
  • The age of the patient and their comorbidities and fitness
  • Their previous treatments received if any

Once prostate cancer is diagnosed in a patient, tests are run to detect the spread of cancer cells within the prostate gland or other parts of the body. There are four possible stages through which prostate cancer cells spread in the body (stages 1-4) and an MRI or PSMA PET scan may be used to determine the patient's exact stage.

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Prostate cancer: Basic information

Prostate cancer can be a lethal disease in which cancer cells accumulate in the prostate gland tissues. There are often no signs of the disease in an early stage but sometimes it can be picked up on evaluation of frequent urination, weak urine flow, and other urinary difficulties. The Cancer care center in Mumbai runs multiple tests to detect prostate cancer and diagnose the cases accordingly. An elevated PSA blood test may be an early sign of prostate cancer and then a biopsy is done for confirming the diagnosis.

Types Of Prostate Cancer Treatments

In prostate cancer treatment, different doctors including Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, urologists, or Uro-oncologists work together to develop an effective treatment plan for the patients. The most prominent type of prostate cancer treatments are-

  • Local treatments- in local prostate cancer treatments one can get rid of the cancer cells from a specific or limited area of the patient's body. These treatments are inclusive of radiation therapy and surgery. These are used when the disease is confined to the prostate alone.
  • Surgery- Prostate Cancer surgery is performed to remove the prostate or surrounding lymph nodes during the operation. A uro-oncologist specializes in treating prostate cancer using surgical measures. Today the safest and best surgery for localized prostate cancer is robotic radical prostatectomy and well-trained, experienced Uro-oncologists offer this surgery routinely.
  • Radiation therapy- the best Prostate Doctor in Mumbai uses high-energy radiation to destroy cancer cells. This treatment is given to treat prostate cancer cases through radiation.
  • Systemic treatments- this treatment is given through the bloodstream for destroying cancer cells throughout the body of the patient when cancer has spread to different organs. Systemic prostate cancer treatment is prescribed by a medical oncologist. Types of system treatments for prostate cancer cases mostly include- hormonal therapies, chemotherapy(tablets and injections), immunotherapy or targeted therapy, bone-modifying drugs, etc.

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Getting treatment or testing for prostate cancer can be troublesome, and the wake of the coronavirus has added an extra layer of anxiety and stress for many prostate cancer patients. If you are living after or with a prostate cancer diagnosis, or you are genuinely worried about the risks, you should get in touch with the best prostate cancer specialists in Mumbai. All the diagnoses and treatments can be safely offered to patients even in today's pandemic setting.

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Dr. Hemant Tongaonkar (Sr Director - Urologic & Gynaecologic Oncosurgery & Head – Surgical Oncology)

Dr. Hemant Tongaonkar, Senior Director, Surgical Oncology, Nanavati Max Institute of Cancer Care is one of India's foremost Urologic and Gynaecologic Onco-surgeon. He has been rewarded with various awards including the Rashtriya Rattan Award for outstanding contribution to Oncology and the Dr. C. K. P. Menon Award of the Urological Society of India. Dr. Hemant Tongaonkar pursued the degree of MBBS from the University of Mumbai, Mumbai, an MS (General Surgery) from the University of Mumbai, Mumbai, and a Fellowship (Urologic and Gynaecologic Oncology) from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.