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What Precautions to Take After Liver Transplantation?

The expected outcome of any surgical treatment can only be achieved if the post-operative care is strictly followed as advised by the doctors. A highly qualified and dynamically experienced doctor who is currently working in the best hospital in Indiahe puts a great piece of advice in a simple statement, “think that your treatment is incomplete if the phase of recovery is skipped.” Also, recovery becomes crucial in complex surgical interventions. In this article, we will know about those preventive measures which aid in the post-operative acre after a liver transplant surgery.

At the hospital after the surgery

  • Once the surgery is complete, the effect of anesthesia will start to wear off, at this point the patient can start experiencing pain. The patient should communicate this to the doctors, painkillers, anti-inflammatory medications and NSAIDs are prescribed for providing relief to the patient from the pain.
  • During the hospital stay, the patient should convey all their doubts about the rehabilitation programme to the doctors so that beforehand suggestions can facilitate following up of the same.
  • For hospital discharge, a family member or friend of the patient should be present to help them in transportation to the home.

At home

Health and Hygiene

  • A surgeon from the best liver transplant hospital in India suggested that a healthy routine after the liver transplant surgery canboost a quick recovery.
  • The surroundings of the patient should be clean, and the room of the patient should be aerated and well-ventilated.
  • The patient should proper care of their hygiene. Cleansing with and water on a daily basis is necessary. Wash your hands after contact with other people.
  • Eat healthy and protein enriched well-balanced diet. Excessive sugars and fats should be avoided. In the initial stages after the liver transplant surgery, raw food and salads are not suitable for a healthy recovery. The patient should abstain from smoking, tobacco, and drinking. Any type of unprescribed drugs should not beused by the patient.


  • A liver specialist in Mumbai states that the patient can be at risk if routine medications after the liver transplantation surgery are not taken.
  • Timely take your medicines.
  • Make sure that the routine and timely intake is strictly followed.
  • Only take medications prescribed by your doctor.
  • If you were following any other course of medicines also, convey the same to your doctor before the liver transplant surgery.

When going outside

  • Wear a safety mask for at least three months following the liver transplant surgery.
  • Avoid going to crowded places.
  • Do not touch stray animals.
  • Do not expose yourself to any elements which can cause infection.

Regular visits to the hospital

  • The best liver transplant center give credit to their post-operative supervision for a healthy recovery in their clients. Thereby, regular health checkupsshould be followed b the patient.
  • Apart from that, health counseling at regular intervals will keep you safe from further threats to your health.

Active participation in the rehabilitation programme

  • As per the advice of the surgeons and their collaborative team with the physical therapists, the patient should follow their exercise routine.
  • Exercise on a daily basis.
  • Avoid heavy weight exercise, weight training, and swimming unless your doctor advises so.
  • Meditation can help in boosting the mood and overall wellbeing.