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Otorhinolaryngology is the medical speciality that deals with diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and related areas of the head and neck. ENT specialists play a significant role in treating infections and diseases of the ear nose or throat and in the management of Benign and Malignant tumours of the head and neck.

Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital (one of the best ENT hospitals in Mumbai) has facilities to manage all diseases related to ENT, and we excel in these Sub Specialities:

Subspecialties of ENT

Otology: Deals with diseases of the ear, including the external middle and inner ear. For eg: tympanoplasty( repair of eardrum perforations),ossiculoplasty (for conductive hearing loss), mastoidectomy for cholesteatoma , cochlear implants ( for severe sensory neural hearing loss),

Rhinology: Deals with diseases of the nose and sinus problems, including FESS (endoscopic sinus surgery), septoplasty( correction of the DNS) Rhinoplasty ( cosmetic correction of the nose)

Laryngology: Deals with the diseases of the voice box, changes/hoarseness of voice, cancer of the larynx,

Dysphagia: Swallowing difficulties that may be caused by head and neck tumour surgery and all other neurological causes.

Vertigoclinic: Deals with all kinds of conditions which affect the balance, cause dizziness and result in impaired quality of life.

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea: Snoring is not just a social taboo. It can be related to sleep apnoea which can lead to serious health issues.

Paediatric ENT: Diseases of ear, nose and throat of children of all ages like tonsillitis, adenoiditis, glue ear, snoring and sleep apnoea. Breathing difficulties of children and airway problems such as laryngomalacia, and subglottic stenosis.

Skull Base Surgery: Deals with tumours of the skull base. It is a highly specialized branch where a team of otorhinologist (ENT surgeons) and Neurosurgeons manage diseases of the skull base like acoustic neuroma, and pituitary tumours, the approaches are endoscopically through the nose.

Condition Related to ENT

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