Dr. Kalpana Sarangi: Consultant- Cosmetic Dermatology- Vile Parle(W), Mumbai, India

Dr. Kalpana Sarangi

Consultant- Cosmetic Dermatology

+91 22 6836 0000

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    • MD - Dermatology
    • MBBS


    • 27 Years Of Work Experience
    • Pimples (Acne: Besides treating acne with medicines, peels, lasers etc, she conducts acne awareness programs at schools and colleges. She suggests tailor-made diet plans, and counsels her patients to prevent complications like post acne pigmentation and scars.
    • Hair Fall: Male and female hair fall pattern is also her area of interest. She has successfully treated 90% of her patients with medication and non-surgical treatments.
    • Skin Pigmentation: She has given encouraging results for treatment of skin pigmentation using customized chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser, stem cell therapy, mesotherapy etc.
    • She has achieved this by encouraging diet and lifestyle changes, counseling on daily skincare regime, and by suggesting anti - ageing treatments like chemical peels, micro needling, skin polishing, laser resurfacing, mesotherapy, stem cell therapy, non-invasive skin tightening by radio frequency, botox, dermal fillers etc.
    • Laser Treatments of all kind.
    • Stem Cells.




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