Targeted Therapy for Cancer treatment in Mumbai, India

What is targeted therapy?

Targeted therapies refer to the administration of specific drugs that attack the specific parts of cancer cells, like genes or proteins. The objective of this drug is to attack and destabilise all such cells that propel the spreading of cancer in a patient's body. While there are different cancer treatments, doctors recommend the use of targeted therapy for a few cancer variants, more than the regular chemotherapy. It gained FDA approval for being a part of treating 15 different cancers.

Alternate Name


Body location

Affected cancer cells.

How Targeted Therapy Performed?

The procedure of administering these medicines depends on the patient getting administered. There are two types of target therapy which are mentioned below:

  • Small Molecule Medicines: Small molecule medicines are for patient consumption via oral means. They are like normal tablets, just a little smaller. Such sized medicines find it easy to percolate into the targeted cells of affected genes.
  • Monoclonal Bodies: When it comes to administering monoclonal bodies, the doctor needs to push them via an injection through the blood vein. Here, the treatment comes in the form of a solution that targets the affected cancer cells and genes.


The preparation begins by discovering the kind of cancer the patient is suffering from. The experienced oncologists at Max Healthcare Nanavati will look into the patient's condition and ask them to conduct all the required tests. In most cases, the doctor will conduct necessary tests on your tumour to understand where it has any targets. One of the common procedures here in biopsy is where a portion of the tumour gets sent for test in the lab.

Provided the patient's cancer type matches with someone else, target therapy is not for them. Before recommending target therapy, the oncologist might ask for other modes of treatment. Target therapy can work alongside other treatment modes. Doctors often recommend opting for soaps and shampoos free of chemicals, fragrances, etc., to prepare the patient's skin for therapy.

Procedure Types in Targeted Therapy

Intervenous or Oral Consumption.

Follow up

All cancer-treating therapies, including the targeted therapy, require intricate follow-up after the patient undergoes treatment. The dedicated team of oncologists at Max Healthcare Nanavati develops a detailed plan for the concerned patients in months and years to come. Such follow-up plans include occasional tests and medical checkups. The doctor also gives priority to the patient's preferences and needs. The follow-up care includes a transitory phase where the patient starts getting back to normal life, like the one before discovering the ailment.

One crucial aspect of follow-up is to check for recurrences. Cancer is one such disease that can raise its head after some time. Here, the patient and the dedicated doctor will look for all the possibilities of recurrences. Thyroid tests, Mammographies, CT scans, and echocardiograms are an integral part of the follow-up schedule.

Risks For Targeted Therapy

There are risks associated with such treatment types. Following are the risk patients should know;

  • Skin Problems: An acne-like rash might develop on the skin, scalp, chest, neck, or back.
  • Dry Skin: The treated patients might find their skin cracking up owing to dryness.
  • Swelling: Swelling might occur around the finger and toenails that will be painful.
  • Uneasy Feeling: excessive sensitivity to sunlight and a feeling of sunburn might appear.

Recovery Option for Targeted Therapy

There is no stipulated time to assure recovery. The oncologists at Max Healthcare Nanavati will conduct occasional tests on the patient for updates. All the scans and concerning tests will help the doctor understand the effectiveness of the treatment. Once the doctor assures, the patient can heave a sigh of relief to commemorate their win over cancer.

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