Alternative Cancer Treatment in India: How Effective is it ?

By Dr. Kaustav Talapatra in Nanavati Max Institute of Cancer Care , Head, Face and Neck Cancer Program , Radiation Oncology

Apr 24 , 2023 | 2 min read

Cancer is a life-threatening battle that has to be dealt with effective and timely treatment for saving a life. The deeply impacting risks of cancer are pressing for new treatments to be worked upon and it has actually pushed the boundaries forward. There was a time when the recommendation for various types of cancer treatment used to be surgical interventions. Taking the example of my acquaintance, when she was under the treatment offered by a renowned institution of radiation oncology in Maharashtra, it was the early 90s, she underwent an integrated approach with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The efforts could not extend the survival ratio which was just mediocre.

But in modern times, various alternative has been brought up to treat the various types of cancer. In this regard, we wanted to know about the much trending, alternative medicine, especially how effective is an alternative medicine for cancer treatment, an oncology specialist in Mumbai walked us through it.

The basic advice you will get from the best oncology doctors in Mumbai, Maharashtra is that no matter how detailed one knows about the merits and demerits of cancer treatment, it is important to reach out for professional help before making any absolute decision in this case. To quote, research which was conducted on 356 patients at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre came to the conclusion that almost 70% of the patients had experienced the use of alternative supplements or care from another medical professional help.

As per the Department of Radiation Oncology in Mumbai, cancer treatment alternative medicine may be helpful in some cases but a layman should not show any bias. The use of melatonin is beneficial in decrementing the growth of tumours. But in fact, in the majority of the cases, incomplete information regarding alternative medicine can cause severe side effects. For example, the chances of developing breast cancer actually increase with the use of natural supplements namely estrogens. Similarly, if one is suffering from head cancer, the use of Vitamin C supplements leads to deterioration in the health of the patient.

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The problem which needs to be answered is why alternative medicine for cancer treatment becomes easily available to patients and is also trusted. Because of a few successful cases where the alleviation of symptoms progressed or the patient achieve temporary relief, the words about their success, one starts to neglect the fact that every individual is unique.

Considering the complications and side effects associated with cancer treatment alternative medicine, it becomes important to explore the other types of treatment options available. The advent of science and technology is actually paving the way in this direction. In the Indian scene of cancer treatment, the development has been commendable.

Looking at the statistics, it is clear that the alternatives available for cancer are establishing a strong scheme for medical tourism in India which is gaining attention and thereby, the number of people visiting India for medical treatment is increasing on a regular basis. This influx of international patients is primarily based on the type of world-class services India has to offer at a reasonable cost. A major amount of people coming to India for their medical treatment are those who are battling cancer, this number is primarily major in metropolitan cities, for instance, the demand for well-established cancer treatment in the best hospital in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore is on the peak.