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The coverage of Dr. Salil Shirodkar in DNA

Mumbai: Doctors say prevalence of high BP is going up in youngsters
The doctors recommend people to stay physically active and exercise regularly

As per the doctors, unhealthy habits, lack of exercise and stress are few of the major reason for hypertension disease. The prevalence of hypertension in young and working adults is going up.

Dr Pravin Kulkarni cardiologist, Global Hospital Parel, Mumbai said, "The scariest trend is the number of young patients with hypertension. One in three or four individual is a hypertensive. In the youngsters of age group 18-25, one in the eight is now hypertensive. Lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits lack of sleep and stress is causing a sudden surge in hypertension."

The doctors recommend people to stay physically active and exercise regularly. Dr Kulkarni, added, "To de-stress, one can opt for relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. Follow proper sleep hygiene and see to it that you sleep at least 7-8 hours."
Dr Vinay Malavade Internal Medicine Expert, Kohinoor Hospital said, "Faulty lifestyle, junk food consumption can invite hypertension in young adults. Today, because of office culture there are targets and deadlines. Hence, due to work stress, people resort to smoking or alcohol and this can be harmful."

According to doctors, a healthy lifestyle and avoiding stress can help to keep hypertension disease away.

He further added, "Earlier, blood pressure was thought to be the disease of elderly beyond 50. Nowadays, it is coming up early. To keep hypertension at bay people should follow a healthy lifestyle, avoid opting for fried foods. The working population should de-stress and give time to family and friends."

"Eating at irregular timing also add to the cause. Using alternative ways to incorporate physical activities can reduce one's risk of various health problems. Maintaining a diet becomes a tedious task so we recommend patients healthy replacements to fast/junk food for their daily consumption," Dr Salil Shirodkar, consultant - cardiologist Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital.

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