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Brain dead 40 year old from Mumbai saves five strangers

Brain-dead 40-year-old from Mumbai saves five strangers

Precious Gift: Husband donates organs of woman who slipped into coma

When a Santacruz resident was declared brain dead after an ischemic stroke, instead of despairing, her husband channelised his grief into the mission to save the lives of five complete strangers.

The 40-year-old was first admitted to a private hospital four days ago when she lost consciousness after complaining of a headache. When she turned unresponsive and slipped into a coma, she was moved to Nanavati Max Hospital in Vile Parle and admitted into Critical Care Services.

"The patient lost consciousness suddenly because blood supply to the cerebrum was cut off," said Dr Abdul Ansari, director of Critical Care Services. "This can happen to people with hypertension or diabetes. The patient's blood pressure had increased and she suffered from diabetes-related issues."

She was declared brain dead by doctors on February 28, and on Friday, four green corridors were formed to transport her organs to other hospitals. While her liver was transplanted within Nanavati Max itself, one of her kidneys was transplanted into a patient at Jaslok Hospital in south Mumbai and other went to an individual at Global Hospital in Parel. Fortis Hospital in Mulund transplanted her heart into a patient on their waiting list; and another green corridor led from Nanavati Max to Apollo Hospital in Chennai, via which the lungs were airlifted to a recipient.

"Lung transplant is a rare procedure and only a few centres have the facilities," said an official from Nanavati Max. "The recipients were chosen from a waiting list and the transportation process was organised by the National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) and Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (ROTTO)."

"The case demonstrates the importance of donating organs," said Dr Abdul Ansari, "Timely decision-making and consent of patient and family play a critical role." The family has refused to comment on the issue.


  • The woman was declared brain dead by doctors on February 28. Her kidneys, liver, heart & lungs were transported on Friday.
  • She slipped into a coma after blood supply to her cerebrum was cut off by rise in blood pressure

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