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Covid-19 check-ups helping in early diagnosis of cancer

According to Mumbai Cancer Registry, on an average, Mumbai records around 14,000 cases of cancer every year. And while there is no data available for how many were diagnosed early due to CT scans, city doctors whom HT spoke to said the numbers were sizeable.

“Most cancers get detected at a late stage where the chances of recovery reduce. But with this coincidental diagnosis, these patients are getting the opportunity to start their treatment at the earliest,” said Dr Rajat Bhargava, head of the radiology department, Fortis Hospital, Mulund. 

“Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we are diagnosing five to 10 Covid-19 patients with cancer. The most common among them are breast cancers. We have also caught lung, kidney and blood cancer among Covid-19 patients,” said Dr Neemish Kamat, senior consultant, radiology department, Nanavati Max Hospital.

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