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Dr. Devendra Chaukar

Director – Surgical Oncology (Head and Neck)
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Dr. Sudeep Sarkar

Sr Consultant - Surgical Oncology (Head & Neck)
Nanavati Max Institute of Cancer Care
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Nanavati Max Institute of Cancer Care

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the early symptoms of neck cancer?

A few common symptoms of Neck Cancer include persistent swelling or a lump in the neck region, unexplained pain in the neck or shoulder area, difficulty swallowing or breathing, unexpected weight loss, tiredness, hoarseness or persistent cough, frequent nosebleed or discharge, lumpy, scaly or reddish skin.

What are the main types of neck cancer?

The most common types of neck cancer are squamous cell carcinoma, lymphomas, sarcomas, adenoid cystic carcinoma, and melanoma.

What are the risk factors for neck cancer?

Some risk factors for neck cancer include family history, genetics, prior neck diseases, smoking, drinking alcohol, using tobacco products (like beedi, gutka, zarda, and khaini), STIs (sexually transmitted diseases), and environmental and occupational factors.

What type of doctor should I see if I think I have neck cancer?

Visit an ENT or primary physician on the onset of symptoms. If the symptoms persist, consult with a medical oncologist or Head and Neck Cancer surgeon.

How is neck cancer typically treated?

Neck cancer treatment typically involves radiation therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, or a combination of these treatments for the best results. Medication may be used along with either modality to help reduce the size of low-grade tumors. The outcome depends on the individual's health condition and their ability to cope with their treatment.

Is neck cancer curable?

Neck cancer can be curable if it is detected early and with effective treatment plans such as excising the affected parts depending on each individual’s age,  gender, general health, and location of the tumor.

How long does neck cancer surgery take?

Neck cancer surgery can take anywhere between  6- 12 hours depending on the individual’s health parameters and the extent of the condition.

Is Stage 3 neck cancer curable?

Stage 3 neck cancer, which has metastasized and spread to the lymph nodes, can still be treatable, depending on the individual's health condition and the severity of the disease. The chances of a complete cure are slim but not impossible. 

Are neck tumors fatal?

Neck tumors can be fatal with inaccurate diagnosis or late treatment. It is recommended to undergo regular dental and ENT screening and seek the help of head and neck experts to detect the condition in time. 

How long can a person live with a tumor in their neck?

The lifespan of a person with a tumor on their neck depends on their health condition, type, and severity of the tumor, general immunity, lifestyle, and environmental factors along with the effectiveness and accuracy of the treatment plan.