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Best Radiologist in Mumbai

Dr. Deepak P. Patkar

Director - Medical Services & Head - Imaging


Dr. Jathin Krishna Rai


Dr. Mitusha Verma

Consultant - Radiology


Dr. P. M Purohit

Sr Consultant


Dr. Tejas P. Dharia

Consultant - Vascular Interventional Radiology


Dr. Abhijeet Soni

Consultant - Neuro & Vascular Interventional Radiology


Dr Ganesh S Deogaonkar

Consultant - Vascular & Interventional Radiologist

Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Radiologist FAQ

Who are radiologist doctors?

Radiologists are experts in the medical field, dealing with treatment and diagnosis using imaging technology. Radiologists use techniques like x-rays, nuclear medicine, and fusion imaging. Radiologists are knowledgeable in radiation protection and safety. Besides, they know how to interpret imaging results and apply them in diagnoses and treatments.

Radiology involves the use of imaging technology. It is a branch of medicine that diagnoses and treats diseases using x-rays or scans, among many other forms of imaging. Radiology reports are about 91% accurate, offering excellent services in the medical field. Radiology includes:

Diagnostic Radiology - This form of radiology helps health care providers to see inside a patient’s body. Diagnostic radiology determines the cause of symptoms, monitors the body’s response to treatment, and screens for illnesses.

Interventional Radiology - Interventional radiology involves zero or tiny incisions during diagnosis and treatment. Experts in this field treat cancers and tumors, among many more non-invasive procedures.

Do I need a doctor’s reference to visit a radiologist doctor in Mumbai?

Not for all tests. The best radiologists in Mumbai don’t need referrals for body composition exams. However, a patient’s general physician is the first to suggest a visit to the radiologist to confirm diseases or monitor the progress of treatment. If you need a diagnosis, go through your doctor first.

What should I carry for my first appointment with a radiologist doctor in Mumbai?

If you’re visiting an interventional radiologist in Mumbai or any other radiologist, bring all your test results from the physician’s office. If you are on any medication, carry a list of all the drugs. Also, since it’s the first visit, have your medical ID and insurance details.

Do radiologist doctors in Mumbai make house calls?

Unfortunately, radiologist doctors in Mumbai cannot make house calls. Even in dire situations, patients have to find a way to get to the radiologist’s office. Radiology involves the use of complex machines that cannot leave the radiology lab. Therefore, schedule an appointment because house calls are impossible with radiologists.

Does health insurance cover the fees of a radiologist doctor?

Radiologist fees are mostly covered by insurance. It all depends on the insurance provider. Most private health funds cover radiologist fees, but others only cater to specific tests. If the patient has health insurance, the type of insurance and plan they’re on determine if they are in the clear. At Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital, they accommodate most insurance covers if the documentation is on point.

When should you consult a Radiologist?

Usually, a visit to the best radiologists in Mumbai is a directive by the general physician. However, patients needing an ultrasound for pregnancy or mammogram (as a yearly test) can go straight to the radiologist’s office. Some tests don’t need a referral, so schedule an appointment and go in.

What is the role of a radiologist?

A radiologist is a medical doctor with expertise in diagnosis and treatment using medical imaging techniques. These techniques are x-rays, fusion imaging, CT scans, and MRIs, among many more. The best radiologists in Mumbai diagnose and treat diseases and injuries. They operate individually or in conjunction with physicians and surgeons.

Common problems you should see radiologist for?

Patients should visit a diagnostic or interventional radiologist in Mumbai for the following:
  • Spine imaging
  • Knee and joint replacement
  • Accidents and trauma to the brain
  • Cancer and tumor screening
  • Broken or injured bones
  • Bone marrow transplants

What is the Consultation fee for Radiologists?

Diagnostic and interventional radiologists in Mumbai charge differently. It depends on the issue you need consultation on. Fortunately, Mumbai hospitals offer free online consultations for patients seeking consultancy online. Some doctors charge ₹1,500 and others less than that. However, booking an appointment for an in-office consultancy is free of charge.

What are the Top 5 services or treatments from Radiologists?

Radiologists in Mumbai offer the following treatments. Some are a follow-up after treatment, while others are for diagnosis. Depending on the need for these services, patients might need a physician’s tests prior. They include:
  • Computed Tomography - CT scans
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasounds
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Mammograms

Why should you regularly see a Radiologist?

Radiologists examine their patients to determine their health status. Often, tests like cancer screenings are essential, even without any symptoms. In addition, seeing a radiologist regularly eliminates the need for invasive surgeries since doctors identify many diseases in good time. Radiology reports also aid in disease management for most conditions.

Radiologists in Mumbai are qualified and dedicated to making the lives of their patients better. They can only do that through timely diagnoses and appropriate treatments. In cases where the disease is too far gone, and treatment is necessary, radiologists ensure it’s a safe procedure.

Almost all fields of medicine require radiology results, leaving room for about 10,000 radiologists in India. All these are qualified individuals, knowledgeable in performing tests and analyzing reports.