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Best Pain Management Specialist in Mumbai

Dr. Meghana Patwardhan

Consultant - Interventional Pain Management

Anaesthesiology & Pain Management

Dr. Nana Morkane

Consultant - Interventional Pain Management

Anaesthesiology & Pain Management

Pain Management FAQs

Which are the various treatment techniques for pain relief that doctors in Mumbai use?

There are several treatment methods that pain management specialists in Mumbai use. It can either be non-invasive or invasive techniques.

Non-invasive techniques include;

  • Yoga - Different yoga postures help a patient have better control over their breathing and strengthen muscles. Mild to moderate yoga exercises help in decreasing discomfort and pain.
  • Cold and heat therapy - Helps treat pulled muscles, inflammation, or arthritis. 
  • Massage therapy - If you are in chronic pain, you may consider massage therapy. It promotes sleep, improves mood, and lowers anxiety.
  • Exercise - Facilitates persistent paintreatment with routine practice advised by the pain management specialist.
  • Manual physical therapy - Helps fix stiffness in joints and reduce muscle tension.
  • Music therapy - Listening to good music distracts you from pain and body aches. It combineswith other relaxation techniques to put your mind at ease.
  • Electrotherapy - Mainly used by physiotherapists for back pains.

Invasive pain relief techniques, including;

  • Radiofrequency Radioblation - Numbing the pain-causing nerve using heat through a needle.
  • Prolotherapy - Injecting an irritant solution to stimulate blood circulation and repair ligaments around the pain area
  • Electrical stimulation - Used for patients with certain spine conditions.

Intrathecal pump implants -  Used when all other treatments to alleviate pain do not work.

Do doctors make patients undergo tests?

Yes, pain management specialists may ask you to undergo several tests,such as an X-Ray, as they assess your pain. It is always advisable to be clear on the body parts in pain to get the best advice and treatment. Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital's best pain management doctors in Mumbai are committed to you providing the best treatment and good health. It is also essential to carry any lab results or previously received X-ray results to advise the doctor further.

What will happen at my first appointment?

The pain management specialist will ask questions about the history of the pain, the current symptoms, and the pain pattern. The specialist will also check on your medication and any previously done lab results and x-rays; hence ensure you always carry all documents about your medical history.

After this, they perform a physical exam and further assess your pain. They may require further tests if need be, such as an x-ray. Upon receiving the results, the specialist can guide you on treatment methods and the way forward, including medication and follow-up clinics.

Will a pain relief doctor in Mumbai help someone with chronic pain without an appointment?

Yes, they can. Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital has the best pain management doctors in Mumbai, hence will take care of you even when you are in chronic pain without an appointment. So, patients with chronic pain can rest assured that they are in the best hands and are on the right path to helping them manage the pain through a diverse treatment method.

Does my insurance cover the pain relief procedures?

Insurance companies differ in the treatments they cover. Therefore, it is imperative to call ahead and enquire if they cover pain relief procedures before booking an appointment. It will help reduce disappointments if they decline to pay for the treatment. However, if they do not cover such medical procedures, you can save up to ensure that you get the proper treatment for your pain.

Are online consultations available with all Pain Management Specialists in Mumbai?

Yes. It is easy to consult a pain management specialist in Mumbai online. At Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital, an excellent team of the best pain management doctors in Mumbai is ready to take on any pain queries and offer the best advice.

How do I consult a Pain Management specialist online from Mumbai?

It is effortless and feasible to do at any time. Click on 'Book An Appointment Now,' which redirects you to choose a video consultation or a consultation at the hospital. Click on the 'For Video Consultation, Click Here’ and click on 'Pain Management’ to find the name of the specialists. You can choose any of them and book an appointment with the best pain management doctors in Mumbai.

How much do Pain Management Specialists in Mumbai charge for an online consultation?

Charges mainly depend on the experience of the consultant attending to you. Call ahead and enquire about the consultation fee range before booking an appointment. Additionally, you can always send an inquiry online, which is always reverted to instantly.

Can I consult Pain Management Specialists in Mumbai anytime?

Yes, you can consult a pain management specialist in Mumbai anytime. Depending on your convenience, you can choose to book an appointment early in advance or in a few hours. First, however, you must check on the availability of the specialist in good time to best plan yourself, whether it is an online consultation or physical consultation at the hospital.