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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and we all have different perceptions of beauty. To feel your best, you need to be comfortable with your own body. Sometimes there are certain features about yourself that you want to improve, or certain features that you wish you had, like a straight nose or a flat tummy. Some decades ago, this would have seemed completely impossible. However, with the help of various advancements in the field of medical science, it has become possible to improve your physical features and appearance without looking artificial. Our team at Nanavati Max Hospital knows that it is an important turning point in your life when you consider aesthetic surgery and our team is ever ready to help you take the next step.

Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery has both surgical and non-surgical treatments in its repertoire.


  • Facial rejuvenation

  • Botox: Get rid of wrinkles and worry lines

  • Fillers: Add volume to your face and make it look younger

  • Thread lifts: Non-surgical facelift with minimum recovery time

  • Micro-needling and PRP (Vampire facelift)

Surgical- Body Contouring

  • Face

    • Facelift, Cheek, Chin, and Jaw Augmentation, Fat Grafting: Loose face skin, small chin, sagging cheeks can make even a beautiful face look tired and aged. Facial surgery changes the contours of an aging face and restores shape, making you look youthful and rejuvenated.

    • Neck Lift, Liposuction of the Neck: Sagging loose skin and fat under the neck creates a double chin and an unattractive neck shape. This surgery removes localised deposits of fat and tightens the neck skin giving it a beautiful contour.

    • Eye Bag Removal (Blepharoplasty): With age skin around the eyes tends to sag and fat under the skin shrinks causing hollowness. In some cases, this hanging skin can impair vision. This procedure takes away the excess skin, restores volume, and gives a fresh look to the eyes.

    • Ear Deformity and Shape Correction, ear lobe repair

    • Nose Job (Rhinoplasty): straighten the nose, narrow the tip

    • Eyebrow and Head Hair Transplant(where hair follicles are taken from donor site (a part in the patient’s body) to another part of the body - the recipient site)

    • Dimple Creation Surgery (for people who desire to have dimples)

  • Breast

    • Breast Reduction: Large heavy breasts cause symptoms like neck and shoulder pain, skin rashes, bra strap indentations, breast pain, and bad posture. Reducing their size takes the weight off and gives relief from these symptoms.            

    • Breast Implant Augmentation: Breast size can be changed using saline or silicone implants to get the desired silhouette

    • Breast Fat Grafting: It helps increase breast size and also correct minor deformities following prior breast surgery

    • Breast Lift (Mastopexy): Breasts tend to sag with aging and pregnancies. Drooping breasts can be restored to their youthful shape with this procedure

    • Correction Of Asymmetric Breasts: This condition may be present since puberty or may develop in pregnancy

    • Axillary Breast Removal: Small bags of extra skin and tissue in the armpits may be present since birth and enlarge during pregnancy or breastfeeding. These can become painful and look unsightly.

    • Gynaecomastia (Male Breast Reduction): This condition develops during puberty or later due to hormonal imbalance or some medications. If it doesn’t reverse naturally then it needs surgical removal or liposuction.

    • Breast Reconstruction After Breast Surgery for cancer

  • Abdomen

    • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): After pregnancy or weight loss, skin of the abdomen tends to become loose and wrinkled and it hangs like an apron. No exercise or dieting can take it away. A tummy tuck removes the excess hanging lower tummy skin and fat and tightens the lower abdominal muscles to give you a flat tummy and a great look!

    • Mini Tummy Tuck: This is done when a complete tummy tuck is not required and the skin excess is less, thus making it a shorter procedure with quick recovery.

    • Lipoabdominoplasty: In this procedure, liposuction is combined with abdominoplasty to create a curved waist with a flat tummy.

    • Umbilicus Surgery

  • Post Weight-Loss Surgery

There is excess loose hanging skin after bariatric surgery or excessive weight loss, which doesn’t look good, and can cause rashes and infection due to friction. Skin and residual fat is removed from different areas of the body, underlying muscles are tightened, and the body is shaped giving you a normal attractive figure. Procedures include

    • Face and neck lift

    • Arm lift

    • Back lift

    • Breast lift

    • Panniculectomy

    • Belt lipectomy

    • Thigh lift

    • Buttock lift

  • Liposuction         

Even fit patients have stubborn areas of fat in the body which area difficult to get rid of naturally. Through few millimetre incisions, fat can be sucked out from different areas of the body to give you the shape you always desired!

Aesthetic surgery is a specialised field of plastic surgery. Therefore it is important to look for a well trained, certified aesthetic surgeon when considering this procedure. Make a list of all doubts and queries about the procedure you want. We will make sure all your questions are answered and you are completely at ease before the surgery.

We have state of the art operation theatres and recovery rooms to help you make a speedy recovery. We have daycare and overnight stay facilities available. Our staff understands your anxiety and need for privacy and will be there at every step of the way to make you feel comfortable. We are here to make this transition as seamless for you as possible!

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